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Venting Frustrations

frustrationI yelled at my brother via instant message today ALL CAPS and everything.  There really wasn’t anything he did, other than mention getting ready for his cruise this weekend. 

SHUT THE HELL UP , was my very educated reply.

 The other night I met an LDS guy for a first date.  He came over to my house and proceeded to lie down on the couch and fall asleep keeping me up till 1 because I couldn’t get him to just leave and go sleep at his own house.

 That’s just the latest in a string of bad dates, stand-ups and boring conversations.

 The one guy I did have an interest in of course wont return my calls, and I’m afraid to even get excited about anyone else.  Well, ok…I do have some high hopes for Saturday…

 Even so, it all wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the cruise.  My brother is going on the cruise I was supposed to have gone on this week.  I had to cancel for the 2nd time because I was in the hospital again last week. 

 Travel is supposed to be my consolation prize for not being married yet.  But instead, I’ve barely crossed the continental borders and my brother not only gets the family and kids, but the cruise too.

Add frustrations at work and cut to me almost breaking down into tears in the office today.

The piles of paperwork on my desk and database system that is supposed to be operational on Monday leave me with two options….work insane hours at home for no extra pay, or fall even further behind and risk another confrontation with my boss about my workload. 

 I’d give anything for just one of those ten assistants he promised me about now.


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