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If you haven’t checked out my article about ‘Borat’ here’s the link:


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Editor for and other minutae.

Editor for and other minutae.

I’ve been accepted as the newest Editor at a news information source for writers.  This will be my first official endeavor under my nom de plume, Aurel Montgomery and along with preparing for Nano in November I’m striving for an official  Nov. 1st launch date of, my inspiration and resoure site for authors, also edited cheifly by Aurel. Beyond that I’m shooting for a Jan. 1st launch date for  I’ve met a very talented graphic designer that I’m excited to be working with for that project.

My novel for Nano, The Twelve, is undergoing daily structural and character changes which I hope to have ironed out by Nov. 1st.

I’m also applying for the Akademie Schloss Solitude fellowship, a 6-12 month artists residency program in Germany, so I’m working on getting my application materials polished for that.  Wish me luck.

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Yes, I’ve become a Hermit…

…as my parents feel the need to almost continually remind me.  I’m not sure who it was exactly, that decided that was a bad thing.  I’m beginning to think there may be something to it all.  For your money, here’s what my daily hermitting entails:

Organization:  Trying to fit 30 years worth of ideas, writing, instruction on writing, research and journaling into some sort of easily accessible “less than mess,” so that I can concentrate on actually writing. It’s a work in progress, but it’s getting somewhere.  My system is at least mapped out and backed up, if not completely filed and indexed yet.

Reading:  Books on writing, screenwriting, promotion, philosophy, new and classic novels, instructional newsletters, rss newsfeeds, email and of course the occasional US Weekly or fun web site to give my brain some down time.

Promotion:  Work on framework for promotion including an under construction author’s website as well as a website for other writers and business folk.  Also putting together ideas for a newsletter to go along with both sites.

Actually Writing:  I haven’t kept solid track of my output for each and every day, except to say that I try to push my self a little bit farther today than I was able to stretch yesterday.  I’m still working on ‘Broken Butterflies,’ however, now in novel form.  I also spend time on several other projects, blogging or journaling pretty much every day.

Naps: Ok I admit it, occasionally my body just says, “NO MORE!”

This Week: is especially crazy for me.  I’m attending my first online Writers Conference this week and barely have time between sessions to breathe let alone take the nap my head wants.  But, I’m finding it a great networking and learning experience and highly recommend it.  It’s free, and I can attend in my pj’s!  What more could a girl want.

Speaking of conferences, I had to cancel my reservations in LA for this year’s Screenwriting Expo.  After attending the past two years, it will be missed.  But unfortunately bills,  and my health have to come first.  Hopefully I’ll be back next year.

I’ve also decided to participate in this year’s National Novel Writing Month, where I will endeavor to complete a 50,000 word novel, start to finish during the month of November.  So consider yourself forewarned.  If I don’t return phone calls or emails, I’m either trying desperately to get my word count, or sleeping.  Feel free to act as my conscience and keep track of my progress.  I have a few ideas percolating for this project and can’t wait for November to start. 

(And I’m already 3 weeks behind on Grey’s Anatomy, thank heaven for DVR’s)

Ok, I promise not to become a total hermit for life, there are some movies I want to see, and I still have to go to doctor’s appointments…so I hereby pledge at least one non-hermit activity per week!!!  And yah, Dad I promise I’ll get that cost comparison you want done…Does that count?

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Talking About Windows Live QnA

 Gotta sympathize with the following post from Jana.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  :


Windows Live QnA
The world is full of Questions and the world is full of Answers. The hard part can be marrying the two. Ever stop and ponder ‘how effective baking soda boxes inside freezers really are’, which ‘digital camera you should purchase’ or which is better, ‘ Search or Google’? In steps Windows Live QnA!

QnA is the next revolution in question & answer networking. It brings together a mash of topics, enables users to tag topics into categories and helps users get answers. I have had the pleasure of being on the beta for a few months and am now addicted!

I love the fact that there are questions on topics ranging from technology, to sports, to restaurants. The user interface is very slick and easy to navigate and I love the fact that I can tag posts! If you are not familiar with tagging, here is a quick snippet from the QnA horses mouth (not to infer that Betsy is a horse J ):

A free-form “tagging” system that allows you to attach your own keywords and phrases to your question to make it more discoverable by other users. With QnA, you tell us what the question is about, not the other way around!

And if that is not enough, all my friends and my long-line of admirers (all 2 of them) can see my most recent questions & answers on my Windows Live Space. Or be notified via my gleam on Messenger when I have made a new post.

It is like a Q&A Mecca! Job well done to the Windows Live QnA team.

My letter to Santa:

Dear Santa:

Instead of a gift this year for Christmas, please make me a Windows Live QnA Superstar. I SWEAR I will be good this year (well, mostly good).”

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Talking About: What the Heck

What the Heck
Well, I am not one to just throw my thoughts out there for everyone to read, but since I am playing around on here, why not! Of course its not too hard since I know that there is no one out there who will really be reading this, or that actually cares what is in my head anyway……”

The above is from my brother’s site, check it out and leave him fabulous coments so he will be shamed into finishing it and putting up lots of pictures of his adorable kids 🙂

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Rant & Rave

None of the lights in my room work.  My fan clicks and clacks and refuses to center.  My favorite clothes are all getting holes in them.  And, I’m so frustrated with not being able to get online on my computer that I feel a primordial scream deep inside my gut, begging to be let free.  I can’t let it free, of course, because it’s ten o’clock, and everyone is sleeping, and they would probably lock me up. Again.  If this were my house, I would cancel my service with Qwest, subscribe to Cox, and get a wireless modem that actually works.  But, this is not my house, so I get to rant and rave instead.

I’ve been doing alot of blogging lately.  I envision it as great practice for writing, but find myself getting so caught up in it, that I know it’s turning into more of an excuse not to write.  It’s so much easier just to tweak the look of a screen, than to pull out my heart and staple it to a page like I’m supposed to be doing.  I find myself reading, studying, playing with pictures, sleeping, God…even cleaning, instead of actually writing.  That anxiety just doesn’t want to go away.

Some of my reading has at least been understanding on the subject.  I like what Eric Maisel had to say:

When you shake up a snow globe, first the snow swirls chaotically, then it

begins to settle nicely, and then all is guiet again.  When you think about

writing, you do something equivalent to that shaking.  You shake yourself

up and make inner chaos and worry.  Experienceing all that chaos and

worry, you don’t want to write.  What you forget is that you could settle

down and achieve necessary quiet, if only you gave yourself half a chance.

Picture a snow globe whenever thinking about writing shakes you up. 

Picture the chaos, then the settling, then the quiet.  When things are

swirling around you or swirling inside of you, use the image of a snow

globe to help yourself settle down, get quiet, and write.

Excerpted from: Write Mind: 299 Things Writers Should Never Say to Themselves (and What They Should Say Instead) by Eric Maisel, PhD, 2002. Tarcher/Putnam

I think I’ll leave it at that, and try and let the swirling chaos of my mind melt away into something more productive, like laundry or making a cake.

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Are you keeping track?

I decided to do some research on the whole “trackback” phenomenon that seems to be a part of blogging I’m missing out on.  I can’t say that i’m missing out on too much, but I did find this explanation by Tom Coates which I loved even if the cool graphics did make me miss my Mac

I also found this explanation from Moveable Type informative:

    • Person A has written a post on his own weblog that comments on a post in Person B’s weblog. This is a form of remote comments–rather than posting the comment directly on Person B’s weblog, Person A posts it on his own weblog, then sends a TrackBack ping to notify Person B.
    • Person A has written a post on a topic that a group of people are interested in. This is a form of content aggregation–by sending a TrackBack ping to a central server, visitors can read all posts about that topic. For example, imagine a site which collects weblog posts about Justin Timberlake. Anyone interested in reading about JT could look at this site to keep updated on what other webloggers were saying about his new album, a photo shoot in a magazine, etc.

I’m still not sure I’m ready to go at it yet, but I would like to find a way to automatically track to postings I have everywhere else on the web. Here’s to nothing!

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