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Home Sweet Home

It’s pretty sad when I slept better over the last week in the hospital than I have the last two nights at home.  Sure, maybe the pain meds contributed to that just a bit….but I think it might have more to do with the need of a new bed and the overwhelming evidence that bombards my vision the second I step into my apt of the hundreds of little things on my to do list.  Writing, cleaning, shopping, organizing, entertaining the cat, laundry, keeping up with my social networks and avalanching email inbox.

Sure, I was sick, I was poked with needles three times a day and had who knows what pumped into my veins for nearly a week…but it was a break from all the chaos.  The self imposed perfectionism and weighty procrastination.  I’m home, and I’m exhausted trying to figure out what to do first, choked by the feeling of drowning in my own laundry and out of convenient excuses like being tied to an IV.

Still as long as I have to take the prescription meds I’m still sick, right?  That means at least 3 more days to relax and recover, then we’ll see what the doc has to say!


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Writefly up and running…

My site for writers officially launched today….lots more to do…but the foundation is in place. And no….I am not JUST procrastinating finishing my screenplay! xoxo

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