Insomnia and other thoughts…

June 12, 2007 at 6:58 am Leave a comment

I’m supposed to be sleeping….Or at least writing something worthwhile, or editing my screenplay or even (sigh) working.  Instead I have just about enough ultra caffeinated brain cells functioning to keep me wide awake and unable to do anything that requires higher thought than leaving comments for friends on myspace .  Yes, it’s a sad world.


 On the up side….I’m starting to feel less stress.  I’m actually not working because I’m relaxed…I’m not obsessing over spending 70 hours a week at a silly job that I know in my heart is not going to hold my interest forever.  There isn’t enough humanity to it.  And money just isn’t enough of a motivator for me to fall in love with something. 

I’ve been thinking alot about trying to find a good volunteer outlet.  As if I didn’t have enough on my plate already, I know, but I’m just feeling sort of useless lately…selfish….like I’m not making  a difference….and that feeling just gets under my skin and crawls around until I can’t ignore it any more.  I don’t feel like myself.

make a difference

I’ve thought alot about trying to get involved in some sort of drug counseling or SI Awareness.  I have all these amazing public speaking skills that I never have a chance to use…and I’d like to put them to good use. 

 There are just so many worthy causes out there, I want to find one that is a good fit for me, something I really care about and wont get bored with but can be passionate about.  Let me know if you  have any suggestions for me.

And by the way….never look up crawling skin on google images….yuck!!!!


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