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Vote for The 59 Smartest ORGS online!

The 59 Smartest Orgs Online



GetActive, NetSquared and Squidoo partner up to bring you this list of the 59 smartest nonprofit organizations online today.

These charities were chosen for their excellence in online storytelling and collaboration with their donors. We didn’t play favorites to one cause over another, nor did we look at their fundraising goals or number of members. Instead, these organizations are winners because of their web 2.0 smarts and a willingness to engage their constituents far beyond asking them to dig into their pockets.These are organizations that give their volunteers and members a voice and get out of the way. They’re pros at mobilizing awareness online. They’re experimentors. Innovators. On a mission. They’re fearless.

NetSquared, GetActive and Squidoo all share a similar mission: making it free, easy, and fun for people to support and talk about good causes online.


The best of 2006!

Check out their sites and stories and communities. Then vote for your favorites on the list.

(If you want to put this list on your own blog or site, just click the “Grab this List” button and go.)


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Room to Read

What’s smart: What’s not?! These guys get most things Org 2.0. Check them out.11 points


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Amnesty International

What’s smart: Online advocacy powerhouse, empowers blogging community, runs numerous campaigns that solicit letters, video, petition signings10 points


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Oxfam America

What’s smart: a daring Starbucks campaign, MySpace Rock for Darfur, winner of the Squidoo 50,000 lens contest.10 points


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What’s smart: Personalized sponsorships–you choose which entrepreneur to support. Leveraging traditional TV to support online efforts. Flickr, Squido…9 points


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Grameen Foundation – Fighting poverty with microfinance

What’s smart: Microfinance, fearless innovation and use of new media like YouTube, Squidoo. Congrats on the Nobel Prize!7 points


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And Now They Come Pouring In.

Well, I finally broke down and decided I needed to get a real job (i.e. one that is making me some money)  I’ve spent the last few weeks turning in resumes and applications and thinking about what would be the best for me to do, so that I’m happy and can still write.  I’ve had quite a few interesting opportunities come up.  I’ve got about 7 interviews over the next two days, so hopefully I can find something in there that’s a good match.  Wish me luck!

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In Retrospect

You wonder how you got to this place where you are today.  How you became this person.  The pendulum swings higher and higher, and balance drifts away to sea.  More adventure, more excitement, more life you call.  And there is always someone there to heed, to pull you quite gracefully out onto the dancefloor, where the music never ends and you become a puppet on a string unable to stop dancing, no matter how blistered your feet have become.

What happened to the silence, you wonder.  Those moments of quiet reflection where you found yourself again and took a deep breath and stretched out like a cat until your bones were aligned in the right direction and you knew where you were going?

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A letter to all the men in my life.

I could say that I’m annoyed.  Annoyed with men.  Let’s start there.  Please don’t call me or text me or IM me only when you are fighting with your current girlfriend and ignore me the rest of the time.  Please don’t make plans and then flake out on them.  Please treat me with the respect I deserve.  Please don’t try to get me drunk so I’ll sleep with you.  Please don’t run away because I’m not perfect.  Please listen to me.  Please hold my hand.  Please know what you want.  Please talk to me.  Please be silly.  Please love something.  Please admit who you really are.  Please tell me if you are a player.  Please help me put up bookshelves.  Please don’t think you know me after an hour.  Please don’t yell.  Please don’t gossip about me to your friends.  Please read to me when I’m sick.  Please don’t discriminate against me at a job interview because I love kids.  Please love to travel and see new things.  Please be a man and not a child.



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