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Resisting the Urge

I will not write about Britney’s Panties, I will not write….how sad is it that this is the biggest news story of the day.  Hi.  Did anyone notice that earthquake in Indonesia?

Ok. Feeling like your head is about to explode and your lungs are full of something funky apparently has it’s ups and downs.  On the downside….I had to sit at home tonight alone, while my $300 hockey ticket ON THE GLASS went unused.  No. Don’t bring it up, it’s still too painful.  On the upside, I sat my butt down in a chair and finally watched my tivoed season of Grey’s Anatomy.  Ahh….guys, this is the way tv is meant to be watched.  Sick, bundled in a blanket… one really long movie with no commercials.  Bliss.  Downside.  Started my review of the new music software Sony so thoughtfully overnighted to me yesterday and my head was too fuzzy to figure out where to plug my mic in on the desktop computer in the kitchen.  Now, the interesting thing would have been if I had been able to figure it out.  My voice sounding as lovely as it is right now, we would have had some great tracks laid down….ya know the episode of friends where Phoebe sounds all sexy with a cold….yah, probably not anything near that cool.  But fun all the same.

Nano is officially over in 23 minutes.  I think it’s safe to say, I’m not gonna make it.  More on that later….but I’ll say this.  Worth the ride.

Ok, back to bed…I suppose I’ll force myself to go visit my doctor friend tomorrow (Sadly, not McDreamy).  Sure he’ll be so glad to see me again!!  Tune in tomorrow for more insane things I do while I’m sick, like sign up for insanely expensive college courses!  Night!


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Carl Sagan Article Available on Blog Critics

I’m the featured sci-tech article, go figure.

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Surviving Thanksgiving, almost…

Yesterday, for the first time in thirty-five years my mother did not cook a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Don’t get me wrong, the full course of stuffing, ham, sweet potatoes and pies accompanied the traditional bird…but for the first time ever, my mother wasn’t in charge. 

What a fabulous idea.  I love my mother and her cooking, but she tends to get a bit overly stressed and perfectionistic around the holidays, so when my cousin offered to host this year’s festivities at her house we all sighed a collective “Yes!”

I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable Thanksgivings I can remember.  I’m sure a bit of that had something to do with the expensive wine being passed around.  But more, there was a relaxed atmosphere….for the first time I can remember at a family gathering I didn’t feel rushed, in the way, lazy, or out of place.  I just had a good time.

Until…I woke up this morning with a horrible cold or something that I think I got from  my um ex-boyfriend…well we don’t need to go into that either. 

It just seems whenever we have family in town, I manage to get sick.  Most people insist that I’m always sick, and I almost have to agree, except there was that one day last week….

Nano, is going down the drain….between being sick, family in town, getting ready for the holidays early so I’m not stressed. (ha, ho, ho).  Let’s see 5 days left and I still haven’t broken 30,000 words.  Not impossible I suppose, but with the packed schedule we have until my brother and his family leave on Tuesday, not likely.

But that’s okay.  I accomplished alot, and I found an entirely new direction for the plot to go that I wasn’t expecting, but which gives it a strong theme and spine.  I’m very excited, but it’s going to take some more research as well…so I’ll have plenty to keep me busy.

One last note. In the spirit of Thanksgiving I just want to mention, because I don’t do it often enough; how grateful I am for the excessess I have in my life.  Excesses of love, of understanding, of support, and of friendship.   Thank you to those of you who have helped to make me who I am today and have allowed me to be a part of your lives.  Because that’s all that really matters in the end.

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Blog Critics Magazine

If you haven’t checked out my article about ‘Borat’ here’s the link:

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Aurel, Inc.

Becoming a business.  It’s funny, all those nights I spent dreaming of having my own business, It never occured to me to put it together with writing.  In my mind my writing was this great creative endeavor, holier than the drudgeries of day to day life.

A little over two years into my ambitions of writing full time and it is finally sinking in.  I’m running a business here, and it’s not gonna go out and get customers on its own.

So this weekend I broke down, stocked my office with supplies, designed a business plan, even bought a chair so I could sit at my desk like a normal person and deal with the business of writing.

Business of course includes investments of both time and money and sacrifice.  It will be a while before my new business is seeing a profit, but at least by realizing it is one, a profit will come.  Not from the tooth fairy who happens to sneak in my computer at night and like what I wrote for the day, but from real consumers, clients, partners working with the ultimate professional. (Hey, they don’t have to know, I’m still wearing my robe at 7pm) 🙂

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Reading & Writing

I’ve somehow managed to read 9 books over the past week.  Well, not quite a week yet.  This just manages to make me feel guilty to for all the other weeks I wasted not reading as many books as I am obviously capable of doing.  Somehow, writing furiously turns my brain into this furious machine that has to read and diet and hold meaningful conversations and be engaged in everything in life with the same amount of vigor.

My current favorite read is Writing a Book that makes a Difference, by Philip Gerard.  I’m furiously taking notes, so it’s going to have to go on my Christmas list.

Yesterday Ryland finally succeeded in pulling one of the stacks of books in my room down on top of himself.  My dad tried to bribe me with a bookcase.  He wanted my couch in exchange, which of course was impossible, because I write on my couch, I organize at my desk and I sleep in my bed. 

The books reside everywhere because they are not merely inanimate objects but companions silently cheering me forward in my quest.

I’ve somehow commited myself to going to Institute tonight.  Thank God for the miracle of Klonopin.  Hopefully I can make it through and make some progress in figuring out this whole spirituality thing.

I had a good talk with Bree & Sandra last night, but it’s still so hard to explain where I’m at when it’s so deeply layered that I can’t see all the dimensions of it.  I’m trying to take things step by step and just straining in the dark for the echo of footsteps leading me forward.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain I tell myself as I hurry further down the rabbit hole.

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Nano Day….um 7 (see told ya I’d lose my mind)

Ok.  Officialy I’m at 23,578 words. Ahead of schedule.  But I think I have 3 different novels going on here somehow, and I’m not supposed to be taking the time to edit, but I’ve got to figure out how to put the stories all together.  Short of killing half the people in the book, I think that means combining some characters, i.e Gayle and Sara will now be Marisol a much more conflicted character with more goals.  Sounds easy enough, right?

Just nod your head in agreement, and pretend to smile and know what I’m talking about.  I fall for it every time.

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