Ignorance is NOT Bliss

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“Man’s basic vice, the source of all his evils, is the act of unfocusing his mind, the suspension of his consciousness, which is not blindness, but the refusal to see, not ignorance, but the refusal to know.” – Ayn Rand

I’ve been thinking alot about ignorance lately.  Someone asked a question on q&A last month about the “gap” in the world today, and my immediate response was: Ignorance.  Everyone agreed with my statement, but there wasn’t much satisfaction, because just knowing that ignorance exists, doesn’t make it easy to fight.

As tensions have continued to grow in the middle east and militant islam extremists are being compared to Nazi automotons, whose children are bred with a sole purpose of furthering their cause, my frustrations have only grown.  When the president of Pakistan writes a book and is forced two days later to retract his accounting of bounties paid his country by the CIA for capturing key members or Al-qa’eda, my frustrations grow.

Today they reached a boiling point as I read the following article:


A schoolgirl was stoned Wednesday in a playground for non-observance of Ramadan.

“According to information sent by Michele Vianès, of the organization Regards de Femmes

The information given by me on Thursday at the time of our Regards de Femmes café is in today’s Le Progrès [the October 6th edition].

‘A schoolgirl at the Jean Mermoz college [secondary school] in the eighth district of Lyon was pelted with a hail of stones on Wednesday morning in a playground where she was eating a snack. The theory that the act was related to the non-observance of Ramadan has been confirmed by the prosecutor in Lyon on the strength of the earliest results of the investigation.

Azzedine Gaci, the president of the CRCM [Conseil Régional du Culte Musulman — Regional Council for the Muslim Religion] declared that if “the facts prove to be true, they are unacceptable”. He deplores the ignorance of the pupils, to whom it would be necessary to teach the Koran at school, and who are unaware that during Ramadan the “women who are indisposed are exempt from compliance’.

It was published by a newspaper in Lyons, France

There is great debate as to whether the internet cultivates or helps to alleviate ignorance.  For my part I did an extensive search and found virtually no relevant sites about ignorance that were not masking some other personal agenda.  Much of the information being handed out online to “fight” ignorance, is in fact promoting it.

I posed the following question on qna.  I found the answers both saddening and enlightening as to the “devil may care” attitude taking over the world.

What can we do to fight Ignorance?

Answers (5)


very simple, random acts of kindness !! think about it, it makes sense……


Get rid of religion, and the Democratic and Republican parties and you will go a long way towards fighting ignorance.


learn to tolerate?

You don’t have to open your mouth and let someone know they are stupid. Just ignore them, they’ll figure it out.


Great question Rebekah! I say one way we can fight ignorance is by creatively finding ways to motivate and encourage people to continue to learn and have an open mind.


I do my part by burying my head in the sand.

What about you? I’m going to sound like a preachy activist here, but stop and think. Don’t bury your head in the sand! Is there a religion, culture, movement, political stance or other area that you find yourself lacking in knowledge.  Take a few moments right now and educate yourself carefully about something you don’t understand.  Then share what you’ve learned with someone else who needs to know, maybe we can keep schoolgirls from being stoned and young boys from strapping explosives to their chests.


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