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I’ve been accepted as one of ten participants in this years Ghost Ranch Writing Retreat in Oracle this summer, I’m quite excited to workshop the novel version of “Butterflies” there and they seemed really positive about the marketability of the concept, so hopefully the week working with editors and agents will nab me a sale.  It gives me a deadline to have the manuscript ready, if nothing else and all I have to worry about now is paying to get there. lol.

The week has been a blur of pain, labcoats and cat naps.  I had all my medical tests finished up this week, so hopefully I’ll have some answers on Wednesday.  Let’s just cross our fingers.

I’ve been busy working on my websites.  I’m doing a very extensive Literary Calendar for which is time consuming, but I think will ultimately be a big draw to the site, and I’ve already gotten emails from people wanting to be notified when the launch of happens, so things are moving along.

I had an article published on this week (as Aurel) , and submitted to a few other ezines.  My goal is to get one out a week, but we’ll see.

I’m dreaming my novel for Nano and having fun learning all about the NSA and intelligence from some great online groups, so I’m feeling a bit more relaxed about November.

And, I was also accepted as one of ten members of an AMAZING online critique group, LDSmindspill.  We are required to do daily excercised and offer feedback, and I just love the group already.

Ok, enough about me.  Oh wait, that’s the point isn’t it?  I GET to be egotistical here and pretend that people care.


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