Talking About Windows Live QnA

September 29, 2006 at 6:02 pm Leave a comment

 Gotta sympathize with the following post from Jana.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  :


Windows Live QnA
The world is full of Questions and the world is full of Answers. The hard part can be marrying the two. Ever stop and ponder ‘how effective baking soda boxes inside freezers really are’, which ‘digital camera you should purchase’ or which is better, ‘ Search or Google’? In steps Windows Live QnA!

QnA is the next revolution in question & answer networking. It brings together a mash of topics, enables users to tag topics into categories and helps users get answers. I have had the pleasure of being on the beta for a few months and am now addicted!

I love the fact that there are questions on topics ranging from technology, to sports, to restaurants. The user interface is very slick and easy to navigate and I love the fact that I can tag posts! If you are not familiar with tagging, here is a quick snippet from the QnA horses mouth (not to infer that Betsy is a horse J ):

A free-form “tagging” system that allows you to attach your own keywords and phrases to your question to make it more discoverable by other users. With QnA, you tell us what the question is about, not the other way around!

And if that is not enough, all my friends and my long-line of admirers (all 2 of them) can see my most recent questions & answers on my Windows Live Space. Or be notified via my gleam on Messenger when I have made a new post.

It is like a Q&A Mecca! Job well done to the Windows Live QnA team.

My letter to Santa:

Dear Santa:

Instead of a gift this year for Christmas, please make me a Windows Live QnA Superstar. I SWEAR I will be good this year (well, mostly good).”


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