Updating: My computer and myself

September 22, 2006 at 6:22 pm Leave a comment

I’ve spent so much time lately updating my computer and trying to get it in perfect working order so I can write uninterrupted, that I’m beginning to feel like I need to upgrade myself.  My brain is fried by all this computer mumbo jumbo, half of which I don’t understand.  The half that I do understand is what is giving me a headache. 

I did come across a few interesting programs that I like so far.  I’ll talk about them if I decide to keep them on.

I’m feeling much better, for those that have been asking.  Mostly just the numbness in my left hand now and some memory and very mild speech problems (forgetting words, words coming out wrong), but I’ve gotten my muscle strength and energy back so I can pretty much go about my day as normal.  I can’t even get in to see the Neurologist until the 3rd of October, so there isn’t really anything I can do but wait and try to ignore it. 

I did have to drop my Humanities class I was talking last night, because I had missed a major test the week before and was set to make it up last night.  The only problem was I thought last night was tonight.  I was a day behind, and then I couldn’t get anyone to drive me to go makeup the test, so no test, no passing class.  The teacher is really strict.   Oh well, I should be able to get a full refund with a doctors note.  I’ll just read the book myself and probably get more out of it than listening to the teacher talk about what we are not going to have a chance to cover in class, and what we might cover in class for half the class period. 

Not being able to drive is the worst part though.   I miss my freedom!


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