Anna Nicole’s Son – Death called “suspicious”

September 13, 2006 at 7:07 pm Leave a comment

I’m not entirely sure why the story of the death of Daniel Smith, son of the Trimspa spokesperson, continues to fascinate me.  Perhaps its the fact that I already felt sorry for the kid having to grow up with Anna as a mother.  But, I suppose it’s the hourly changing press releases on the cause of death that I find intriguing.  At first all that was known was that he died in a private hospital in the Bahamas.   Then we find out he was visiting his mother in her hospital room where she had recently given birth to a daughter , (Apparently giving birth in the US is now passe!) Next we hear he has died of a massive heart attack, that Anna thought he was sleeping and tried to revive him.  Then that he had likely taken an overdose of antidepressants, and had been throwing up blood prior to his death, Anna had to be restrained and the hospital was unable to locate oxygen to help revive him.  And today, foul play?  What?  The mind reels with possibilities.  But, apparently we’ll have to wait a month or so to find out, as officials in the Bahamas say they won’t release any more information until the official inquest on Oct. 23rd.

In the meanwhile, speculation rises as to whether Trimspa (who have posted a touching memorial to Daniel on their homepage) will be scrambling for a new spokesperson, giving the greiving mother time to heal. As well as to why her spokesperson is an attorney in the Bahamas, instead of her usual “friend”, spokesperson and attorney Howard K. Stern.

For a nice rundown of the changing media speculation consult media whore Perez Hilton.


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