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Birthday Pics

041006_103_1 With Amber, also on my birthday.


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Birthday Pics Here

041006_058 My birthday at The Breakroom with Nate and Leslie, February 28th, 2006.

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Alive, Barely!

So, yes…I admit, I disappeared from my blog for a while.   Life has been crazy for the past six months for the most part.  I quit the job at the bar several months ago to help take care of my nephew….but it was great fun while it lasted!  I still get to stop by every once in a great while and hey, I got a boyfriend out of it.  (What more can you ask of a job!)  I’ve been dating Sami for just over 6 months now (whew!) and things are good.   I’ll get some pics of him posted up here soon.  I’m taking a humanities class one night a week and still working on my writing though I went through a long period of just being tired and uninspired.  I’m broke now again too, so trying to come up with a creative way to make some money, but as of yet that still hasn’t happened so thank goodness for mom and dad!  My sis is back living at home and it’s been fun having her around and we just celebrated Ryland’s 1st birthday last week.  He’s almost walking and adorable!  Well, I’m off to try for a movie, which hasn’t happened in ages and try and stay awake a few more hours.  Love to all!

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