Words I Thought I’d Never Say.

February 11, 2006 at 7:41 pm Leave a comment

I just got a job in a dive bar!

I’ve been looking for something part time at night to help with the bills and today I was talking to a friend about going out karaoke-ing tonight, when my cell phone rang about a job I had applied for but thought my resume didn’t go through for.  It was for a karaoke hostess at The Breakroom Bar and Grill on 48th and McDowell in Phoenix.  So I scheduled an appointment for an interview this afternoon, went in and they asked me to start tomorrow.

So I get to hang out in a smoky bar with a bunch of drunks and keep them entertained till 2am three nights a week.  I feel so Coyote Ugly-ish.  Being paid cash that I could put in my freezer if I had one and work on my songs or ok screenplays by day while being a sexy coyote by night…maybe that’s a little bit carried away!!!  But, I got a job in a dive bar!!  Anyway, the point is I’ll have some money coming in finally and won’t have to be so stressed about money.  Whew!  I’ll keep ya posted as to how it goes, should be fodder for some interesting stories if nothing else.


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