What I learned today…

May 2, 2005 at 2:17 pm Leave a comment

1. Gorgeous Men can be 4 ft tall, and when they get on the subway at 42nd street you think they are small children until they are standing face to face with you, and you realize they are 35 and struggle to keep the look of shock from surfacing.

2. Gorgeous Men can also be 6 ft 6, and apparently while talking to their mother and sister they can stand next to you and gently put their hands over yours on the subway pole…letting you know you are safe…and then get off at the next stop…never looking back, never giving you a second glance.

3. How to get the good knock-offs. It is just as illegal in New York City as anywhere else in the world, to sell knockoffs of designer brands. The shops in China Town, and well just about any other sidewalk with 2 inches to spare, get around this by selling look-alikes (no name brands attached). Today however, I found myself just off the subway on Canal Street with a goal. A bag. I didn’t care about the name, I just wanted a cheap bag with lots of space to schlepp my stuff around in. I walked in and started looking at all the bags hanging floor to ceiling in the tiny 3 by 6ft space. “You want bag,” the short woman approached me. It wasn’t a question. She new I was a hot customer. “Yeah,” I said. “You folrow,” and she led me to the back of the booth where she pulled aside the wall of clothes and unhinged the back wall to reveal the secret back room. Here were the Guccis, the Louis Vouittanos, the Pradas. I felt like I had just been inducted into some secret society. I very quickly found the Prada I wanted and she shoved it in a bag and sent me up front to pay. Even back in the subway I felt myself looking over my shoulder at the policemen in the station to see if they cared that I was taking a purse out of a black plastic bag, and dispensing of it’s contents in the station trash bin. They didn’t seem to care…and I was thrilled the rest of the day.


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