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One More Week

One more week of class and it will be the first class I’ve actually completed in 5 years! We won’t talk about how much I’m paying for these classes, but if it can get me a degree finally, I’m thrilled.

Not too much else exciting to write about this week. Still waiting to hear on the Agency job.. (fingers crossed) and I’ve actually had quite a bit of time to do some reading and writing this week. Feeling a bit more organized.

We have a new roomate moving in next month, and will actually have an extra one for a month or so until Romeo finds another place.

That makes rent cheaper which is nice!!!!

Anyway. Hope all is well with everyone…Missing you tons!

P.S. Did remember something interesting I saw walking home the other day. This old black man riding a bike and carrying a 27″ television on one shoulder up the sidewalk…. I was quite impressed, but alas, unable to get my camera out in time. Next time!!!


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Athlete Inside There?

I suddenly feel like running. Obviously that’s not going to happen, because…’s 11pm and this isn’t exactly the part of town they call runners paradise. Not to mention that, knowing me and my clumsiness I would no doubt end up hospitalized with something broken.

Sad, that these urges never occur during the day, when it’s not pouring down rain. I must come up with a solution for that.

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A Day From Hell

Is it possible to be told by a man on the subway that you have the devil inside you, lose a babysitting job, cry in Borders, have horrible coffee, and fall flat on your face on the sidewalk in front of a million people, scraping body parts you didn’t know you had, without it being called the day from hell??

Just wondering?

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A Foot in the Door

They tell you that going to church really does pay off, well in this case it was enrichment, but I think we’ll say it applies. I met a girl on Tuesday who I was chatting it up with and I told her I was a writer. She asked if I had a job and I told her not really, just some babysitting gigs. When she asked if I was looking I hesitated, thinking of all the possible low paying, boring positions she might have in mind, but then finally said, “Yeah, possibly, If it’s part time.”

She went on to tell me that she worked for a literary agency and was leaving her job to move back home and her position was open. She rattled off the name of some agency that sounded vaguely familiar, but nothing I could put my finger on and I agreed to send her my resume that night.

When I went home, I decided to do some research and find out why the name sounded so familiar. Janklow and Nesbit. There was hardly anything on the web, except that they were exclusive and probably the most well respected agency in the business. But as I kept searching I realized why I had heard the name..they had brokered nearly every one of my favorite books, most best sellers and had an exclusive, respected client list to die for, including many pulitzer prize winners. Their clients include: Jhumpa Lahiri, Edward P. Jones, Al Gore, Michael Chrichton, Anne Rice, Tom Wolfe, Gore Vidal, Danielle Steele and Hunter S. Thompson, just to name a few. They were even the agents for Jennifer Government by Max Barry…the book I talked about in my Serenala post, in which I’m totally immersed right now! That’s not even mentioning their film rights division. I was completely intrigued and scared to death.

But the next day, I was called in for an interview. Wow. I told the manager I was looking for part-time so I could focus on my writing and she said they were really looking for full-time, but she could appreciate that and maybe we could work something out.

So, yesterday, aka THE DAY FROM HELL (see next post) I stressed about what to wear and where I had put my notes for the interview and finally made it in for a pleasant, if cryptic interview. The lady was hard to read, but told me she would let me know if they decided they needed full time and give me the option of doing that if I felt I wanted. Is that a good sign??

When asked what I thought I was looking for salary wise I threw out a number, which was responded to with a yes much to quickly and I’m sure I should have asked for more now, but I’d be thrilled just to be there and learn about the business side of things.

So, in other words….WISH ME LUCK!!

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Ok, some of you…(probably most) will care less about this post….but those that know me well will understand my elation. Anyone not familiar with the short lived Joss Whedon series Firefly, needs to go rent it or by it on DVD now!!!! It’s a Sci-fi/Western and odd as that sounds it works beautifully, thanks mostly to the brilliant mind of Joss and the fantastic cast!

Now, why, you ask should I run out and watch some series that isn’t even on the air any more? Because, I reply. The movie “Serenity” will be out in September with THE FULL ORIGINAL CAST returning, and Joss Whedon at the helm.

I can die happy now!

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An Ethnography of “Yo”

On a typical night, I have become accustomed to hearing various shouts and other…um noises outside my window. “Hey Yo!” is the most common. The response comes from 5 apartments down…”Yo, What?”.

Not too bad, until you consider 40 people on a street all yelling “Yo!” at once and somehow instinctively keeping track of which “Yo!” was meant for them, and what the response is inferring…as far as I can tell anything from yes, come here, call me, pay attention, to cool!

You probably have to actually hear this symphony of simultaneous “Yo’s” to actually understand my indredulity. But I’m getting better at it. I was able to follow one particular conversation the other night that went something like this: “Yo, he call you out, you wanna see?” Answered across the street, “Aw, yo, yo! aw man, we havin’ fun.”

Ok, It’s still a little Greek to me.

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And She Shall Have Music…

This morning as I rolled out of bed to my desk to check my email, I looked out the window and noticed the postman standing on the sidewalk across the street dancing. Not just a little bit of a bounce….this guy had moves! Amused, I watched him for a moment, thinking to myself that I actually liked this song….then realizing, I hadn’t even noticed the music up until that point, it has become such a part of my life here.

Pretty much 24 hours a day I can hear music of some sort blaring up at me from the street. Most often it’s something with a deep unintelligible beat or the same two songs in spanish over and over and over and over….I’m on the fifth floor and when I say blaring I mean that I can close all the windows in my apartment, turn on the tv and still not drown it out.

It seems to be some sort of a custom in this neighborhood for people to park their cars along the sidewalk, open all the doors and windows, turn on the music and just have an impromptu party on the street with whoever happens to be walking by.

Now, I’m sure you are picturing ghetto cars, all dropped, decked out rims, trying-to-be-cool-mobiles. But no, normally they are Lexus’s, Infinities or BMW’s, plain as can be, which I’m sure go on to boring jobs at high tech companies downtown during the day and just live this incognito life as a streetsized boombox when they have nothing better to do.

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