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No Car Alarms Allowed in Serenala!!

Last night a car alarm went off in front of our apartment for about 4 hours, and then started again at promptly 5am this morning, so needless to say, sleep was sparse. I guess the neighbors are rubbing off on me, because at one point in my angered half sleep I think I stuck my head out the window at yelled at the kids on the street…”Would somebody either open the hood and detach the battery or hotwire it and roll the damn thing into the Hudson!!!” I couldn’t be sure if that stopped it or not, but I got a few hours sleep after that!
Tonight, the geek in me found a psuedo utopian based online role playing game. Check it out, you too can have your own country. Other than that I’m still recovering from the death defying spill down my loft bed steps yesterday by torturing the postman and making him climb up the stairs and actually deliver my packages to me. Oh yes, it was a good day!!!


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“Damn! Are you a White Girl???”

Last night I was taking two buses and a subway to get down to Union Square for our inaugural Stake Writing group meeting at Barnes and Noble, when at 125th street (The Mecca of Harlem) near the Apollo, I kid you not the above was shouted at me on the street.

Yes, thank you very much for noticing!

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